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-- Have you been struggling with how to incorporate the techniques taught by the Walsh Research Institute into your already-busy clinic schedule?

-- Are you wishing you had a solution to the challenge of obtaining all the new information needed to screen for nutrient imbalances while still asking all the necessary questions to meet the community standard of care?

-- Are you confused about which symptoms are most important to consider when making your clinical diagnoses based on the Walsh system?

Solve these clinical dilemmas with BIST and feel more confident in the accuracy of your nutrient prescriptions.

The Biochemical Imbalance Screening Test (BIST) is a fully-automated online screening test that allows you to gather all the information you need to assess the symptoms of common nutrient imbalances without adding a single minute to your visit time. Even better, the test automatically scores your patient’s responses for each common imbalance, so you’ll know your diagnoses are reliable and accurate.

The BIST was developed by Chanel Heermann, MD, to assist health care professionals who are utilizing the nutrient therapy system of William J. Walsh, PhD, of the Walsh Research Institute. Please note that this test is a screening tool only, and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment without obtaining the appropriate laboratory tests and correlating the information provided by this test with your own clinical interview and laboratory results.

How does this work?
What do I get with my subscription?

Every subscription is customized just for you by Dr. Heermann’s team, so that your test will be branded with your practice name and your own personalized URL link to share with patients, plus it will automatically redirect your patients back to your website upon completion. All you need to do is share your private link with your patient, perhaps through email or on your website, and then they just go online to complete it. The system is easy for both you and your patient.

Once your patient has completed the test, their results will be auto-scored using a special weighted scoring system that automatically prioritizes the most important symptoms for each of the most common six biochemical imbalances. This produces a separate score for each imbalance, plus a validity measure to make sure your patient completed the test correctly. Your results are immediately emailed directly to the email address of your choice, complete with a simple 3-step guide to score interpretation. This system was carefully designed to give you confidence that you are making an accurate diagnosis.

Your automated email also includes a full PDF transcript documenting how your patient answered every single question, plus their final weighted score report for each imbalance. This document is great to review with your patient during your clinical interview, while you are getting to know them. You can also easily include this report in your electronic or paper medical record system. The whole process is simple, straightforward, and requires no special technical expertise from either you or your patient.

The BIST only identifies patients by initials and gender, so no Protected Health Information (PHI) is collected or sent over the internet. This removes any HIPAA-related hassles for you, and ensures the tightest security for your patients' results.

How to use the BIST

Many clinicians find the BIST (Biochemical Imbalance Screening Test) useful as part of their intake process for new patients. You may also find it helpful as a brief screening tool for established patients. You can simply share your customized URL link with your patient, and they can fill it in whenever they like, from wherever is convenient for them. Or, you can have patients complete it in the office, either in the waiting room before their visit, or with the assistance of you or your staff during the visit itself. The test only takes about 20 minutes to complete, so it is extremely flexible to incorporate into your current workflow.

Dr. Heermann uses the BIST as part of her standard new patient paperwork in her private practice, so that all the information she needs is ready to use as soon as she meets the patient. She also finds it useful to review the patient's answers during the initial visit, or during a follow up for established patients.

The BIST is especially useful in a clinical setting where lengthy patient visits are not possible, such as in community clinics, busy practices, or underserved locations. This tool allows you to gather the additional Walsh-related clinical information, in addition to the standard mental health information needed to maintain the standard of care, without adding additional visit time to your already-busy schedule.

Dr. Heermann has found this test allows her to effectively and efficiently incorporate the Walsh method into her work with the underserved in a community mental health setting. The test offers the flexibility to work well within your clinical environment, too!

The Bottom Line:

The BIST allows you to focus your time and energy on what you do best - taking care of patients!
Best of all, you get a cutting-edge tool that offers you the peace of mind of knowing that you are offering the very best, whole-person care to all your patients.

Click here right now to sign up for your personalized test!



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